Why the customer isn’t always right

We’re 100% positive you’ve heard the saying “the customer is always right” thousands of times before, right? Well, right. Except a recently posted article on the Huffington Post is telling us that that saying is wrong. We were caught completely off guard. It’s not often that you run into such a passionately written op-ed, and especially one that contradicts something everyone has heard through their lives. “The customer is always right” is most of the times meant to be the number one rule in business, but here are Alexander Kjerulf top five reasons to why this rule is wrong:

1. It makes employees unhappy

2. It gives abrasive customers an unfair advantage

3. Some customers are bad for business

4. It results in worse customer service

5. Some customers are just plain wrong

You can check out the reasoning behind each of his comments on his full article at the Huffington Post. But just from looking at these, what would you say? Do you agree with Alexander or do you believe that “the customer is always right” still holds true these days? Let us know what you think! (Huffington Post)


Turning Creativity and Innovation into Profit

Creativity and innovation: two things you would assume people knew they needed for their business to succeed. False. A lot of people and business owners, don’t understand that they need those two elements to have an ever growing, appealing and successful business. Unfortunately, nowadays, if you fail to incorporate creativity and innovation into your business, you are cutting yourself short and preventing your business from reaching its full potential. Sad, right?

We’re not saying it’s easy. It’s far from that actually. But, it can be done. The number one thing you should do to improve your chances of fostering a creative and innovative environment? Train management to accept it. Managers need to not only accept this situation but also be able to recognize good ideas and run with them without second guessing themselves and their team. Managers should also be able to foster this creative environment and help their teams come up with the most compelling ideas without limiting them. The next and organic step, for that matter,  is translating those ideas into actual performance. (Mashable)

Social Media Marketing – Just One of Our Services

Studio X Design offers a wide range of multimedia services.  We are constantly expanding our team of professionals so please inquire with us if you do not see a multimedia service listed below.

Social Media Marketing is the process of obtaining web traffic through specifically placed content on Social Media sites.  The way this is accomplished is by creating a SM presence, continuous content and conversation managed, and cross-platforming all SM sites to that direct traffic to your website.  Our methods, strategies and specific programs monitor your SM campaign and bring your brand, website, service and product to the forefront of your potential customers.

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The Changing Landscape of Media

Did you know that social media grew by 238 percent between 2009 and 2012, with more than half (54 percent) of U.S. adults active on one or more social media sites by the end of last year?

Twitter usage has doubled in the past two years, and LinkedIn (60 percent increase) and Facebook (38 percent) have also made considerable gains over this period.

Indeed, compared to traditional, and even other forms of digital media, social media has seen unprecedented growth, and is showing absolutely no signs of slowing down.

This infographic takes a closer look at the ever-changing media landscape.

Social. Digital. Traditional. Media.

information provided by: http://www.mediabistro.com/alltwitter/media-landscape_b37736